Development Director


Embrick Sorrell is an alumni of California State University Dominguez Hills. He has more than 12 years experience working with the Los Angeles Archdiocese School System. In his current position, as Development Director of RYC Embrick is responsible for the overall development and implementation of fundraising strategies and marketing of RYC. He works personally with major corporations and educational institutions world-wide, while helping to improve the quality of education in the greater South Los Angeles area.


He is engaged in assisting the school system in the utilization of corporate sponsorship and creating a lifelong learning support system. He is involved in many outreach learning programs as well as community learning projects. He is also on the Advisory Board at St. Eugene School. Embrick is the Founder of Networking Professionals of Los Angeles (NPLA).Embrick created NPLA to provide innovative means to coordinate services and provide powerful strategic alliance capabilities to local small business owners in Los Angeles.


NPLA is both a corporation and an ally. As Founder/CEO of NPLA, Embrick is responsible for developing strategic relationships with partners around Los Angeles and for shaping NPLA’s corporate vision. NPLA is rapidly developing into a gateway for new businesses to receive exposure. Embrick’s educational vision includes a life-long learning support system and technology collaboration. To assist in the visionary goal, Embrick has created the “Future World Leader Scholarship Award” for students who have made it through obstacles while maintaining the character of a good leader.


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