IDM, which stands for “Instruction, Dedication and Motivation," is the central program of RYC. The IDM program serves student who are looking for guidance, by striving to understand and support them through their unique challenges of life. Mentors of the IDM program are dedicated to help instruct and motivate student in a group setting.


The students, their parent/guardians and the mentors will begin by participating in an interactive orientation, followed by a ten-week structured program that includes team-building and leadership activities. The program will end with a dedication ceremony


Orientation Day
Introduction between Parents, Mentees and Mentors
Introduction to the IDM Program
Parents & Mentees disperse into groups
Parents to mingle with Mentors
Ice breaker for Mentees
Lunch Served



Lesson 1:          The Story of the Elephant
Lesson 2:          Getting to Know YOU
Lesson 3:          The Tree that is Me!
Lesson 4:          The Label Game
Lesson 5:          Tipping My World
Lesson 6:          Working with Personal Triggers
Lesson 7:          Friendship Trust Walk
Lesson 8:          Who, What, Where will I be?
Lesson 9:          Mapping My Life



Week 10
Dedication Ceremony
10 am – 12 noon
Special Guest Speaker (visitor)
Mentee speaker (OBT)
Presentation of Certificate of Completion
Thank you, Closing Affirmation