Founder & President


La Ronda Smith:  Was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  While in high school, La Ronda took a peer counseling class where she learned about the different developmental stages of adolescence.  It was then when she decided that she wanted to attend college to study more about human services.


Right out of high school La Ronda's plans for college were postponed as she experienced some pivotal changes to her life.  At the age of 19 she gave birth to her first child.  As La Ronda took the necessary steps towards self-discovery as a teen mom, she started achieving spiritual and personal goals that she set for herself. 


Now a wife and mother of two small children, one pre-teen and a young adult; she is a Real Estate Agent, a mentor for TEEN-M.O.P.S (Teen Mothers of Pre-Scholars).She also participates in the Compton initiative which is leading the walk in taking back the city.  Her enormous heart has always led her to serve youth by becoming a friend and listening while youth confide in her and find a sense of security.


La Ronda is also looking forward to furthering her education at the University of Phoenix in the fall of 2011 where she will be working towards a degree in Human Services. Mrs. Smith is the Founder & President of Refresh Youth Center (RYC)


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